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So here's the deal; CorkSport is on pace to be the leader in the Mazda performance space and is experiencing tremendous growth year over year. While other development firms and manufacturing companies have suffered through this current economic slow down, our sales and trejectory continue to be strong.

We're located in downtown Vancouver, WA making it an easy commute from Portland or anywhere in the Vancouver area.

To get a better idea of who we are, we'd suggest reading our blog , if you don't already. (This is one of those suggestions that is not optional. Kind of like when someone is suggesting you take a shower). It will help you get a sense for our products, team, and our corporate personality (We are referring to reading the blog, not taking the shower).

We work hard and sometimes put in long hours to accomplish our projects and we believe strongly in personal development around here, so if your not into growing, learning and succeeding, CorkSport may not be the place for you. We offer competitive compensation packages that include the expected like insurance, 401k, and paid vacation, but wait there's more! Profit sharing. That's right, when CorkSport wins, we all win!

Below is a list of the current openings with our company. Click on any of the column titles to sort the list based on that field. Click on the job title to learn more about the opening.Please DO NOT contact or come in, we are a very busy company and have set up our these links for your convenience.

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